Headlines and Summaries II

Steps taken to combat flu spread
New: RDs active in swine flu prevention

To Inform: LU is now taking more than the necessary precautions to fight swine flu pandemic including training resident directors to recognize the virus. Other colleges are dealing with the concerns as they arise, just as doctors continue to stress basic precautions.

To Entice: Worried about swine flu? Others on campus have the same concerns. That’s why administration is taking more direct action for resident students besides the basic precautions.

LSGA tiers determine club funding
New: Club funding designed to increase involvement

To Inform: LSGA created four tiers to allot adequate funding to clubs on campus. The amount of money each club receives depends on several factors including size, appeal, and campus involvement.

To Entice: LSGA’s new system for club funding handles about $27,000 for campus events plus $7,000 for additional funding. This money is distributed between clubs and helps promote campus-wide events.

Downloadable books become available
New: LU joining the audio book trend

To Inform: To appeal to a new audience, libraries are now carrying audio books, including Butler Library on campus. These books are available for students to download directly into their MP3s. The growing popularity of e-books is based on its simplicity.

To Entice: Students tired of reading have a new option. The Butler Library is adapting to technological advancements and educational needs for consumers.

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