Campus Events Hopeless

If you want people not to show up to a campus event, advertise it as such. Just add the name Lindenwood to the front of the activity name or just mention the event place. That’s a foolproof way to get people not to attend.

athletic Activities on campus seem to be a plague. For some unknown reason, college events are just not popular if it doesn’t concern an athletic event.

Invite someone to a movie night in a dormitory lounge and no one will show up. Change the plans to a group night at the local cinema and things change. Is it the movie? Probably not. Students just don’t want to spend time on campus.

If you want some friends to hang out and play some video games in your dorm room, expect only your roommate. Turn it into a bowling night, then people suddenly decide they’re up for some friendly competition.

There’s a dance on campus. One word comes to mind: lame. However, a night in the same bar on Main Street week after week will continue to have attendees. It doesn’t matter what type of music is playing or the people that are going. Leaving campus? I’m going with, even if I have to sit on other people in the car to get there.

lu This fear of campus events might come from the infinite amount of time we spend in classrooms and doing homework. The university is associated with studying and the endless cycle of education we have endured for the past twelve years of our lives.

Unfortunately, students will pass up going to campus events. It is inevitable. In this case, drag friends to the event with you first. Then, decide if it’s worth it. Otherwise, do the same thing week after week. After all, the university can’t force you to attend these events. Just remember, you’re paying activity fees, while spending extra money off campus. Can you afford it?

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