Fitness Alternatives for Non-athletes on Campus

It seems that health and fitness on campus is aimed only at a specific group of students on campus: athletes. These athletes have access to sports facilities on campus, whereas students that do not play a sport are limited to health and fitness activities in the frequently crowded gymnasium.

There are over 40 sports at Lindenwood University—though I only seem to grasp the point of about a dozen—and yet there seems to be no available space for these athletic teams to practice on. Those facilities that are available to student-athletes are at times inadequate since weather conditions may affect the athletes’ schedule.

For example, the Harlen C. Hunter Stadium is used for various sports’ trainings and games. The stadium is divided between the football team and the field hockey team as well as both the women’s and men’s soccer teams and women and men’s lacrosse teams. These are several teams to take into account when scheduling practices.

The tennis courts are outdoors and therefore, tennis players either have to practice in terrible weather conditions or they are forced to end practice early, if they get an opportunity to practice at all. Indoor tennis courts would help the team infinitely since the players would get a chance to practice at all hours without worrying about freezing weather or slippery courts.

The school gymnasium lacks sufficient space and equipment to accommodate the over 3000 resident student population. Since student-athletes have priority when the team has to train in the gymnasium, the rest of the students are left to find a bicycle or treadmill that isn’t already being used. (And God forbid that the one not in use is actually working.)

What options do students that are interested in keeping fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle have? Enroll in the 24 Hour Fitness Gym that is located nearby. After working out, one can even enjoy a lap in the swimming pool. Other than that, join a sport. With over 40 sports, the choices are numerous.

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