Headlines and Summaries

LSGA discusses upcoming events
Headline: LSGA in charge of campus promotion and funding

To Inform: The Lindenwood Student Government Association helps promote activities from all organizations and clubs on campus. It focuses on communication between organizations and other students. The LSGA also serves an important role in the funds of each club.

To Entice: The Lindenwood Student Government Association is not based on the typical high school elections. However, popularity and communication are an important part of the LSGA’s agenda.

Shirts hang high
Headline: Shirts expose the truth on domestic violence

To Inform: Events such as a speech by Jackson Katz and a t-shirt display emphasizing the victims of domestic abuse were part of the Domestic Violence week that occurred here on campus.

To Entice: The Domestic Violence week sponsored on campus had a special guest. Former student Amanda Cates, 26, is only one of the infinite women that died because of domestic abuse.

Workshops focus on tools for media literacy
Headline: Media literacy vital to 21st century classroom

To Inform: Jill Falk, assistant professor in communications, stresses the need for all students to become media savvy. Workshops are now an addition to learning and redistributing the effects of media. Its incorporation into the classroom is only the first step in educating media consumers.

To Entice: Media literacy not only means consuming media. “Understanding media is important…how they make money and how advertisers manipulate you.” The 21st century classroom holds the answers to consuming media the smart way.


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