Single Meal Plan Inconvenient for Students

Dining ServicesEach week, students have a chance to enter the cafeteria only three times a day, excluding weekends when we can only enter twice. Each week, we have only 19 meals given to us. If we swipe our ID card more than once during the same meal, we aren’t allowed to eat. If we forget our ID, we are left without a meal for as long as it takes to purchase a new one.

The majority of universities have meal plans that students purchase depending on their particular needs. A great portion of these universities have approximately four or five different meal plans. These meal plans provide the number of meals per week each student can consume. Although some may be quite costly in comparison to meals here, there is always the factor of convenience present.

These meal plans are more convenient for students because they allow the students to decide when they want to eat as well as the number of times they want to eat in one day or one week. There are very few wasted meals at these universities unlike the meals wasted here. Students who do not eat breakfast are primary examples of this squander. That amounts to five unconsumed meals a week, and approximately 75 meals a semester.

Even more inconvenient for students is the fact that we can only enter the cafeteria once during the specified hours of each meal. However, what about the students who want to grab lunch from the cafeteria and then pick up a grab and go for later because they won’t have time to eat dinner in the cafeteria? They have no other option than find a way to get to the cafeteria before it closes or spend money off-campus.

These restrictions for students are ludicrous. We can’t work our schedules around the cafeteria simply to save money. We have other obligations. Other universities know this; why doesn’t Lindenwood take this into account? When will meal plans be an option?

Now this is convenience:


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