Recycling on LU Campus

recycling_logoEssays or long assignments are due in class and approximately half the class is late. The half sitting in the classroom has freshly-printed assignments, while the other half is waiting in line by the printers outside the computer lab of the Spellmann Center.

Even though there are four accessible printers, there are three problems. One is usually printing at a slow rate because somebody has decided to print several PowerPoint presentations; therefore that one will not be available for at least another five minutes.

By the time the PowerPoint presentations have printed, the second one has already printed the same assignment a couple of times; the person waiting for the PowerPoint presentations got frustrated believing the assignment would never print, so the individual returned to the computer and resent the assignment as many times as he wanted.

And, my favorite, the third one simply has no paper.
The line, therefore, is for the last working and available printer.

I admit it. I steal paper from the computer lab. There are boxes on the counter in front of the printers is usually paper that has been printed on. However, the person that sent the content to the printer decided he no longer needed it and left it in one of the boxes.

I steal that one-sided paper to take notes on. That means I have an assortment of papers that don’t make sense if I mix them up. Nevertheless, I feel better about myself writing on that blank side when knowing the alternative (using a whole new sheet and leaving the printed sheets in the computer lab boxes where I don’t know what will happen to them ). When I no longer need those notes, I recycle the paper.

The Campus YMCA has implemented recycling bins on campus. Campus dorms now have a box for plastic bottles and paper as well. Butler Library also has a bin for paper. Calvert Rogers and Butler Library are currently collecting paper and plastic bottles as well as cardboard and aluminum. Be aware of these occurrences. Conserve our resources. Recycle.

I’m glad I’m not the only one concerned about the environment. We’re saving the world, one homework assignment, or essay, at a time.


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