Bloviating: New Journalism

Journalism’s history has prided itself on the pyramid scheme for hard news stories. The purpose behind a newsroom was to figure out what the public needs to know and the questions that need to be asked to get the full story.

Bloviating journalists however, lack the ability or rather the drive to seek the correct answers not simply those that are convenient for the story, their reputation, or that match their personal opinions. Bloviating journalists are known for using too many words to fluff a story; by using so many words, citizens might be tricked into thinking they’ve done the necessary research and can redistribute the information as a news story. It’s the same when students write English or Literature papers. The paper is ridiculously written because the meaning is never deciphered. Bloviating journalists don’t reach a point; they don’t give answers; they don’t ask the necessary questions.

News cannot be called journalism until it covers its bases. Research on the topic, understanding of the topic, location of sources, background of the sources, the crucial questions of the story, and the concise writing of the story. A news story must be edited a million times before it’s ready to be printed and read by the public. Bloviating journalists rant; journalists inform.


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