International Perspective: Albania/Panama

Arlinda Arizi, also known as Ina, is an Albanian native that has lived in Panama City, Panama for the last ten years of her life. She is a Mass Communication major with an emphasis in television and radio. She plans to work at a Latin television station that focuses on the latest celebrity gossip and related topics.

Currently, she reads only a bit from The Legacy, the Lindenwood University student newspaper. Her primary reading interests from newspaper articles include entertainment, health and beauty, and hard news stories that are short.

She believes that a newspaper’s principal concern should be to relate information to readers, like the students of Lindenwood University, that sells and sparks interest. “Without entertaining and attention-grabbing stories, newspapers are not going to survive much longer.”

Because newspapers focus so much on long articles with critical information, Ina doesn’t find time to get ALL the information out there. Everyday, she is left halfway because she cannot follow a story without the background; furthermore, updates become a tedious task to keep up with and the story is left without a resolution. “Reading [newspapers] should be a fun and relaxing activity for the readership.”

The services newspapers provide is also a great issue for Ina. “Newspapers should help express the concerns of the people and not simply those of the press and its company,” she said. She understands that each individual newspaper must adhere to certain types of stories, whether local, national, or international.

However, the news that is always going to have people picking up newspapers is that which “is interestingly bizarre and different. We spend so much time working and dealing with our own problems, so we aren’t necessarily interested in…” the infinite little problems of the entire population around the globe.


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